The Shape of My Heart

“Wherever you are you will always be in my heart.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Screen shot 2016-06-19 at 1.00.28 PM 2

Today is the day
we should celebrate
the good men who gave us
their hearts, their love,
never showing their own pain.
Today is the day
I think of my Dad but
truth be told I think of him
every day.
Often I am reminded
of his love for nature
in a blade of grass,
his encouragement
in the wing of a butterfly,
even his stern look when
I misbehaved comes to mind.
Oh, how he loved
to find himself
walking deep amongst
tall trees and hear his
thoughts in the nearby river
rushing through our neighborhood.
He taught me all about mushrooms,
animals and the songs birds sang.
I miss his humor, his wisdom,
the simpler times we shared.
And although I lost him far too soon
he’s never too far away,
for his boundless love
fits perfectly in the shape
of my heart.
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