The Essence of Love

By Sharka Waite

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” – Oscar Wilde

Sharka Waite - Waves of Love

February is the month of hearts with the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Although I don’t believe in dedicating only one day or one month to LOVE, even I find myself feeling more deeply this time of year about those who have enhanced my life in a kind and compassionate way. Although many view Valentine’s Day as a romantic expression toward their mates, I view it as an opportunity to remind ourselves that love, in general, is the main force of life, the main force to our inner well-being. Not always in a romantic sense but also the platonic communication between friends, between humans and pets, or spiritual, perhaps.

I learned that, especially in times of need for love and support when the closest to us disappear, almost mysteriously, there are souls in the world who become our guardian angels, surrogate parents or brothers and sisters, to guide us. Somehow, their timing happens to be perfect when the impact of their loving kindness is the deepest. When, while every one else is watching you bleed, they take it upon themselves to heal your wounds. They repair your wings after you hit the ground. Oh, how many times they have repaired mine!

Although I consider myself fortunate and loved, there have been moments when I needed unconditional love to guide my heart and serendipity to sprinkle its magic onto my life. And serendipity it was! as I had the privilege to meet the namesake of my long-gone dog; Benny, the rescue puppy. Somehow, I knew I needed to be rescued at the time as well. He decorates my every day with cuddles and play, faithfully always by my side with endless outpouring of sweet kisses.

After I published After the Sunset, through a fateful chance or cosmic magnetism, I connected with a couple of Angels. I can’t even describe how much they’re continually changing my life for the better by generously sharing their wisdom and affection. It’s the sort of a spiritual love that is almost extinct these days, and yet, tiny remnants of it still remain and I’m lucky enough to experience it.

So, every time I feel hopeless about today’s state of life, my circumstances, or the lack of love in the world, I start counting. Counting the pure souls that still are in my life, supporting and loving me for the person I am.

When you get overwhelmed by the sadness in the world or doubt the presence of love, start counting. Count the individuals, pets, breathtaking sights, meaningful art, walks in nature, new trails, happy encounters; all that has brought light into your life and made you smile. Expand your Valentine’s to those who change your life in a compassionate way, whose heartstrings tug at your heart. That, to me, is the essence of love, which should be celebrated not only on Valentine’s Day but year round. For the miracle of love is in style every day.


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