New Year’s Resolution

By Sharka Waite

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been” ― Rainer Maria Rilke

As I went through my old files, I found this poem I wrote a while ago. I usually don’t set “New Year’s resolutions” but, rediscovering the inner child and seeing life with renewed sense of  wonder and awe sounds like a good resolution to me.

It seems that everywhere I look I see people going through their days without much magic in their lives. They count money to pay their bills, they wake up, clean, eat, on auto-pilot living minute by minute, rushing. They scream at their children because after a long day of responsibilities they want a moment of quietness, without much patience forgetting they too were once children themselves.

Life can often get in the way, leaving us exhausted, without much youthful energy to enjoy the sunshine, the rain, the rainbows and snow. Perhaps it should be spontaneous, but even if it isn’t, let’s make an effort to play more, be a little nicer, little kinder, little more patient. Let’s make a plan to have more fun, let’s dream a new dream, and enjoy this new year to the fullest. Let’s rediscover the inner child and shine into the world as we once did.


Child at Heart by Sharka Waite

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